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Norwegian - American Studies and Records

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Norwegian - American Studies and Records er en publikasjon utgitt av NAHA siden 1926.
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Publikasjonen inneholder artikler og illustrasjoner om norsk emigrasjon til Amerika, og hvilke virkninger denne har fått.

Denne oversikten gjelder til 1985, noen hefter er innkjøpt og artiklene er listet opp nedenfor for disse.

Volume I. 1926:

  • Health Conditiones and the Practice of Medicine among the Early Norwegian Settlers, 1825-1865 by Knut Gjerset and Ludvig Hektoen.
  • The Norwegian Quakers of 1825. By Henry J. Cadbury.
  • Bishop Jacob Neumann`s word of Admonition to the Peasants. Translated and edited by Gunnar J. Malmin.
  • Norwegian in the West in 1844:A Contemporary account. By Johan R. Reiersen. Translated and edited by Theodore C. Blegen.
  • An Emigrant Voyage in the Fifties. By H. Cock-Jensen.Translated by Karen Larsen.
  • Reminiscences of a Pioner Editor. By Carl Fredrik Solberg, edited by Albert O. Barton.

Volume II. 1927:

  • Norwegian immigrant songs. Translated and edited by Martin B. Ruud.
  • Four immigrant shiploads of 1836 and 1837. By Henry J.Cadbury
  • Immigration as viewed by a Norwegian-American farmer in 1869. A letter translated and edited by Jacob Hodnefield.
  • The Norwegian pioneer in the field of American scolarship. By Laurence M. Larson.
  • Norwegian language and literature in American universities.By George T. Flom.
  • Norwegian-American Chursh history. By George M. Stephenson.

Volume IV. 1929:

  • A Contribution to the study of the adjustment of a pioner pastor to the American conditions, Laur. Larsen, 1857-1880. By Karen Larsen.
  • Report of the annual meeting of the Haugean churches held at Lisbon, Illinois in June 1854. Translated and edited by J. Magnus Rohne.
  • The attitude of the United States toward Norway in the Chrisis of 1905. By H. Fred Swansen.
  • Immigration and social amelioration. By Joseph Schafer.
  • The mind of the Scandinavian immigrant. By George M. Stephenson.
  • Three Civil Wars letters from 1862. Translated and edimted by Brynjolf J. Hovde.
  • The sinking of the «Atlantic» on Lake Erie. A letter translated and edited by Henrietta Larson.
  • An account of a journey to California in 1852. By Tosten Kittelsen Stabæk. Translatd by Einar J. Haugen.

Volume IX. 1936:

  • Immigration and puritanism. By Marcus L. Hansen
  • Svein Nilsson, Pioneer Norwegian-american historian. By D.G.Ristad.
  • The Sugar Creek settlement in Iowa. By H.F. Swansen
  • Pioneer town building in the west: An America letter written by Frithjof Meidell at Springfield, Illinois in 1855. Translated and foreword by Clarence A. Clausen.
  • A typical Norwegian settlement: Spring Grove, Minnesota. By Charlton C. Qualey
  • Marchus Thrane in America. Some unpublished letters from 1860-1884. Translated and edited by Waldemar Westergaard.
  • The Missouri flood of 1881. By Halvor B. Hustvedt. Trnslated by Katherine Hustvedt.
  • The collection and preservation of sources. By Laurence M. Larson.

Volume X. 1938.

  • Language and immigration. By Einar Haugen.
  • Two early Norwegian dramatic societis in Chicago. By Napier Wilt and Henriette C. Koren Naeseth.
  • A school and language controversery in 1858. A document story. Translated and edited by Arthur C. Paulson and Kenneth Bjørk.
  • A newcomer looks at American colleges.Translated and edited by Karen Larsen.
  • The Norwegian Qaakers of Marshall County, Iowa. By H.F.Swansen.
  • The main factors in Rølvaags authorship. By Theodore Jorgensen.
  • Magnus Swensson, Inventor and Chemical Engineer. By Olaf Hougen.

Volume XVI. 1950.

  • Hvistendahl`s mission to San Francisco 1870-75. By Kenneth Bjork
  • Oregon and Washington territory in the 1870`s, as seen through the eyes of a pioneer pastor. By Nora O. Solum
  • From the Prairie to Puget Sound. By O.B.Iverson, edited by Sverre Arestad.
  • Life in the Klondyke and Alaska Gold Fields. Letters translated and edited by C.A.Clausen
  • From the Klondyke to the Kougarok. By Carl L. Lokke

Volume 27, 1977:

  • Hegra before and after the emigration era. By Jon Leirfall.
  • Marcus Hansen, puritanism, and scandinavian immigrant temperance movements. By Frederic Hale.
  • Three American letters to Lesja. Translated and edited by Charlton C. Qualey.
  • Berdahl family history and Rølvaag`s immigrant trilogy. By Kristoffer F. Paulson
  • Decorah-posten: The story of an immigrant newspaper. By Odd S.Lovoll
  • Symra: A Memoir. By Einar Haugen.
  • Erik Morstad`s missionary work among Wisconsin indians. By A.E. Morstad.
  • Polygamy among the Norwegian mormons. By Helge Seljaas.
  • Wisconsin Scandinavions and progressivism. 1900-1950. By David L. Brye.
  • Name change and the church, 1918-1920. By Carl H. Chrislock
  • American press opinion and Norwegian independence, 1905. By Terje I.Leiren
  • The Kendall settlement survived. By Richard L. Canuteson
  • The Popcorn Man. By Rodney Nelson
  • An outsiders view of the association. By Rudolph J. Vecoli.

Volume 30. 1985.

  • O.A.Tveitmoe. Labour leader. By Lloyd Hustvedt
  • Scandinvian settlement in Seattle, "Queen city of the Puget Sound"
  • Ole and the Reds, "the Americanism" of Seattle Mayor Ole Hanson. By Terje I. Leiren.

Norwegians in the Pacific coast fisheries. By Sverre Arestad

  • Reindeer, gold, and scandal. By Kenneth O. Bjork
  • The pioneers of Dog Fish Bay. By Rangvald Kvelstad.
  • Three spokesmen for Norwegian Lutheran academis, schools for church, heritage, society. By James S. Hamre
    • The domestic architecture and cabinetry of Luther Vally. By Claire Selkurt

The poetry of Agnes Mathilde Wergeland. Compiled by Larry Emil Scott