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Norwegian Engineers in America

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Olaf Morgan Norlie har i sin bok History of the Norwegian People in America en oversikt over norske engineers (ingeniører):

  • Peter C. Asserson (1839-1906), viseadmiral US Navy. Civil engineer and builder of dry docks in Norfolk, Brooklyn.
  • Nils F. Ambursen, New York. Consulting hydralic engineer, inventor of the Ambursen dam.
  • Otto Julius Andreason, New York. Designing and estimating engineer, for many years with the world famous Wm. Barclay Parsons.
  • K. Baetzman, Chicago. Engineer in a large steel plant.
  • A. Berg, Patterson. Chemical engineer and expert in silk dyeing.
  • Gustav Bergendahl, Chicago
  • Einar B. Bergendahl built the bridge between Philadelphia and Cambden.
  • Carl Bergendahl, Chicago
  • Ole Berger, New York, paper mill engineer.
  • H.A.Bødker, Chicago, builder of the exhibit buildings, Colombian Exposition, and railroad engineer.
  • John Borge, New York, New Yotk, engineer, identified with the manufacture of incineratirs.
  • John S. Braune, New York, consulting engineer
  • Frederick W. Cappelen
  • Elias Anton Cappelen Smith
  • H.L. Christie, Pittsburgh engineer with American Bridge Company for many years
  • Gustav L. Clausen, Chicago, civil engineer and superintendent of sewers of Chicago
  • H. Clausen, engineer with A.P. Allis Co., Milwaukee
  • Knut Dahl, San Francisco, engineer of the Union Iron Works in San Fransisco.
  • Sverre Dahm, New York, engineer in direct charge of subway construction
  • Viggo Drewsen, New York, a leading chemical engineer and a recognized authorithy on paper manufacture.
  • Julius Aars Dyblie
  • Eyvind Flood, Boston, mining engineer and inventor
  • Berge B. Furre, New York, subway engineer
  • Joachim Giæver
  • Herbert W. Guettler, Chicago, paper mill engineer, inventor of Guettler Barkling Drum
  • E. Lee Heidenreich, the foremost engineer in the world of reinforced concrete construction
  • J. Heyerdahl-Hansen, San Francisco, president of the Diesel Engine Company
  • Olaf Hoff, Montclair, New Jersey, consulting engineer, builder og the New York Cenral Tunnell under Detroit River and several tunnels under the Harlem River
  • J.H.Hoff, chief engineer of American Bridge Company at Chicago
  • Leonard Holmboe, Chicago, has disigned and built one of the largest steel plants in America, in Illinois Steel Co since 180
  • Christian Holt,specialist in river locks.
  • Severin Holt, specialized in farm machinery, worked for McCormick Company, and International Harvester Company
  • Norman B. Holter, mechanical engineer
  • Axel Olaf Ihlseng, Brooklyn, New York, zinc mining engineer, operating in Colorado, Missouri, Mexico, Kansas and Oklahoma.
  • M. Rude Jacobson, Brooklyn, tunnel making expert
  • D.S. Jensen, a prominent paper mill engineer of New York
  • Halfdan Lee, Pittsburgh, engineer in the coke manufacoring industry.
  • Leif Lee, chief engineer in a steel plant, Youngston, Ohio.
  • O.L. Lindrew, Chicago, expert on fuel conservation for the Illionoi Central system.
  • Guttorm Miller, New York, subway engineer
  • A.B. Neumann
  • Alf Otto, builder of the five mile long bridge across the Savannah.
  • J.P.Paulson, San Francisco, chief engineer of the C.H. Moore Iron Works
  • Thomas Philfeldt
  • Oscar H. Reinholt, San Diego, mining engineer
  • Ingvald Rosok, Bisbee, Arizona. Electrical and mining engineer. Mayor of Bisbee.
  • Edwin Ruud, Pittsburgh, inventor of the estinghouse gas engine, automatic bake ovens, president of the Edwin Ruud Manufactoring Company.
  • Frederick Schaefer, Pittsburg,engineer, inventor and manufacturer of mechanical divices in use on railroads.
  • Eugene Schou, New York, structural engineer for the board of education of the metropolities.
  • Benjamin Franklin Stangland, Slooper, mechanical engineer, has designed many ventilting many plants in large buildings.
  • Magnus Swenson, Madison, chemical and hydraulic engineer, the greatest authority on sugar manufactoring
  • Halsten J. Thorkelson, E. Orange New Jersey, professor of steam engineering University of Wisconsin
  • T.D. Yensen, Pittsburgh, chief of the Westinghouse Chemical Laboratory
  • P.G.Zwilgmeyer, city engineer of Seattle, later employed in Northern Pacific Railroads.

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