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O. T. Hodenfield

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Olaus T. Hodnefield
Olaus T. Hodnefjeld (4.11.1888 i Rennesøy- 17.10.1968 i Orange County, California) var sønn av gårdbruker Thomas Torgerson Hodnefjeld (14.11.1860 i Rennesøy - 4.4.1901) og Hanna Kristine Haakensen (10.6.1859 i ?- 16.3.1899).

Gift 1. 12.3.1919 i Los Angeles med: Hilda Marie Trondson (15.4.1893 i Heron Lake, Jackson County, Minnesota- 17.2.1961 i Los Angeles County, California), datter av Trond O. Trondson (1.8.1854 i Norge-10.10. 1928 i Lakefield, Jackson County, Minnesota) og Mary Moen (18.4.1864 i Norge- 27.12.1953 i Lakefield, Jackson County, Minnesota).

Barn :Earl Wesley Hodnefield (30.10.1920 i Santa Monica, Los Angeles County, California, -10.1.1985 i Orange County, California).

Gift 2. 27 April 1963 in Los Angeles county med Anna Graven (8.7.1897-13.12.1986).

Bodde i Los Angeles.

Kenneth Bjork;

Dr. O.T. Hodenfield, a Norwegian born chemist discovered deoxolin, which "may rob the incendiary bomb of its menace by flameproofing buildings and clothing". This liquid was made available to the United Nations.

Obituary svigerfar Trond O. Trondson født 1.august 1854 i Reinli, Oppland;

TROND O. TRONDSON (1869) has lived on his present farm on the south bank of Heron Lake, on the southwest quarter of section 30, Heron Lake Township, for the past forty years, and he is one of the oldest settlers of the township. In addition to the quarter section upon which he lives he owns a half of section 25, West Heron Lake township, and is one of the big farmers of the community. Mr. Trondson is a Norwegian by birth, and first saw the light of day August 1, 1853/4. His parents were Ole and Carrie (Olson) Trondson, whom he accompanied to America in 1865. After a residence of four years in Allamakee County, Iowa, the family decided to push on still farther west, and in 1869, accompanied by four other families, a journey to Canton, Dakota territory, was begun. When Swan Lake, Iowa, was reached Mr. Trondson, the elder, died, and the trip to Dakota was abandoned. The other families of the party settled in the vicinity of Estherville, while Mrs. Trondson and her family came north into Jackson County. She bought from a Mr. Cleveland a homestead right to the southwest quarter of section 30, Heron Lake Township, and there she established her family home. For eighteen years their only habitation was a sod shanty, which stood where Mr. Trondson's home is now. Mr. Trondson's mother died eleven years ago in Campbell County, South Dakota, where she had made her home with a son. In the early seventies Mr. Trondson homesteaded a tract of land nearby, and later he acquired his mother's homestead. Ever since locating in the county in 1869 his home has been on section 30. He added the tract in West Heron Lake by purchase about 1893.

The first marriage of Mr. Trondson occurred in Heron Lake Township January 6, 1879, when he wedded Helena Rongstad, who was born in Nordre Land Desember 6.1861, and who was the daughter of Andrew Rongstad. As a result of this union the following children were born: Clara, born April 7, 1881; Albert, born May 10, 1883; Theodore, born October 20, 1885; Ole, born December 29, 1888, died May 19, 1909.

Mr. Trondson's first wife died, and on January 6, 1892, he was united in marriage to Mary Moen- (fra Gulsvig, Flå, Buskerud født 18. april 1864- død 28. desember 1953) , a native of Norway and a daughter of Ole Mone. Mr. and Mrs. Trondson are the parents of nine living children, as follows: Hilda, born April 15, 1893; Hannah, born July 27, 1894; Thea, born October 16, 1805; Christena, born January 6, 1897; Carrie, born January 31, 1899; Constance, born November 11, 1901; William R., born August 1, 1904; Walbag R., born August 1, 1904; Joseph, born December 19, 1906. The family are members of the Norwegian Lutheran Church. Mr. Trondson has been treasurer of School District No. 81 since it was organized.

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