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Peter Holst Hostmark

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Peter Holst Hostmark

Peter Holst Hostmark (8.8.1903 i Bolsøy ved Molde - 18.6.1969 i Seattle, King County, USA ) var sønn av oberstløytnant Ole Beyer Hostmark og Sofie Holst. Gift 1. 22.10.1927 i Lade kirke, Strinda med Elen Sofie Elster Christensen (11.1.1904 i Vestre Aker-), datter av forfatter Hjalmar Christensen og Olga Helberg. 1. barn. Gift 2. 20. januar i Seattle med Molly Sternberg.

Bror til Alf Holst Høstmark.

Eksamen artium Molde 1921. Utdannet 1927 på Bygningsing. avd. NTH.

Overnattet 1921-22 på den meterologiske stasjon på Quade Hook, Svalbard. Overnattet 1924-25 på den meterologiske stasjon på Jan Mayen. Emigrerte til USA 19.10.1927.

Arbeidet i forskjellige ingeniørfirmaer og startet så Hostmark Engineering Company, Seattle. Var president i Pacific Northwestern Ski Association 1935-40 og styremedlem i National Ski Association 1935-45. Offiser i det amerikanske flyvåpen 1943 OG 1946.

Kenneth Bjork;

Peter H. Hostmark has been doing engineering work on a contract basis in Seattle since 1931, his projects include the North Beach sewage and draiage system of Seattle and the Howe Sound Ore Mill at Chelan, Washington. Before World War II, Hostmark was one of the most vigorous promoters of the ski sport in the Seattle area, and during the war he was ground rescue officer of the American First Artic search and Rescue Squadron in Greenland.

Pacific Northwest Ski Association:

Big Jump Realized A Dream!

Three years ago Peter Hostmark, newly-installed president of the Pacific Northwestern Ski Association, was invited to accompany Joe F. Bahl, passenger agent for Milwaukee Road, to the scene of what is today known as the Snoqualmie Ski Bowl.

The party tramped all over the bowl area, even hiked almost to the top of Bald peak, then down again and along the old railroad grading.

Your correspondent was standing close by when Joe Bahl popped the question. "Well, Mr. Hostmark, what do you think of the area for skiing?"

"Fine, fine!" said Hostmark, but replying somewhat in the dull-toned manner of a man brought to earth from a fetching dream. Then came the tip-off to Hostmark's detachment. "But it would make a beautiful side for a ski-jumping hill! A magnificient site!" said Peter in enthusiastic voice, his eyes running from the steep slope above to the curving terrain below.

Today that Hostmark dream has been realized.

Hostmark, himself an engineer, drew the plans and the product of $18,000 expenditure by Milwaukee Road now awaits only about 2 feet of snow before it will bid welcome the efforts of the world's greatest ski-jumpers. Seattle and the Pacific Northwest may rightfully claim one of the most tremendous jumping hills in the United States.


The one big event slated for the new ski bowl hill will be the jumping portion of the national four-way combined championships which have been awarded the Seattle Ski Club and Washington Ski Club jointly for March 30-31. At this time jumpers competing in the four-way championships will leap from the Class B takeoff but the Seattle Ski Club plans staging a special big-time competition from the Class A takeoff in conjunction with the national event.

Do not be suprised if Reidar Andersen, Norway's greatest, and such men as Olav Ulland, Tom Mobraaten and others are battling through the air waves on that redletter date. Andersen, ending last season's visit in the United States, prophesied that he would be back.

What such a brilliant field embodying aces like Andersen and Ulland, will do on Milwaukee Road's big hill is problematical. Hostmark predicts that 270-foot jumps will not be surprising. The hill will take that jump handily, according to the man who drew the plans.


Veteran northwest jumpers who have viewed the new hill are enthusiastic over its possibilities. The inrun has a fine natural curve; is unlimited because of timber free slope above the hill and may thus be modified for varying snow conditions. Torger Tokle sets new American Record in 1940 Posted 13 Jun 2009 by ahostmark

On Mar. 1, day before the event, the temperature mounted, and the black rain clouds scudded .from the Sound eastward to the hills, pouring snowrotting water into the Bowl. Joe Guiberson, and Peter Hostmark, Seattle engineer who designed Olympian Hill, stood looking out of the lodge's streaming windows, seeing their hard work being washed away, and said bravely, "Lucky we got the snow well packed. We'll have a hill. Anyway, we'll have some kind of a hill."


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